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The Poshboss Hustle are you selling or buying ? 

January 15, 2019

Anybody who shops on Poshmark is strongly encouraged to also sell on Poshmark . The app is set up so each user gets an online space to sell their own items. Users are strongly encouraged to become sellers and the apps success is based on the fact that it actually offers a novel solution to the one problem that seems to plaque every woman in the world, closet space. Most women will tell you that closet space has always been an issue for them. Yet, they will also admit that while space is at a premium much of it is taken up by clothing items they never use. 

Year after year these items many still with price tags  never land in the purge pile. Why? The reason is simple because to the owner these items still have value even if they are not being used. It seems like a waste to throw away an expensive clothing item especially one with tags so we tell ourselves someday we will find a use for it. That's where Poshmark comes in it bridges the gap between use and value. Selling is easy anyone with basic smartphone skills can now have an online business. 

At first you don't even need to find inventory. Posh encourages its users to start with their own closet to source items to sell. So when does a user become a #boss?  Poshamrk has millions of users that buy and sell everyday. New users often make their first few sales within days or weeks of listing items they no longer use. 

Our Second Blog Entry

February 14, 2019

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How I started JelliMarinelli & became my own Boss 

February 15, 2019

Everyone who sells on Posh pretty much started by selling their own clothing items. I mean the concept is brilliant getting paid to purge items you never use. It perfectly bridges the gap between use and value by offering an alternative to donating or throwing away clothes you don't wear but still paid good money for.  My first posh listings consisted of designer items in new condition many still with tags. Over the years I had amassed an eclectic collection of unused clothing  in a wide range of sizes and styles. I listed my first items doubtful that anyone would actually buy them. They did, pretty quickly too and soon I was off and running. It didn't take long to go through my own stuff before I needed to start sourcing inventory. I started slowly, thrifting from local garage sales and used clothing stores like Goodwill or Salvation Army. 

            I also needed information on how to grow my sales. I turned to social media joining  facebook groups dedicated to Poshmark.  I strongly suggest doing this when you first start Poshing as there is a learning curve to reselling and some of these groups offer good advice on how to get started. Two years later and I now have a boutique closet with 146K followers and Posh is now a full time job. ​This year I started a blog about my experiences and to share what I learned with new people just getting started. I hope you find these posts helpful and would love to hear how you can to be a reseller, blogger or Posher.